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Vegan Vitality Multivitamins & Minerals with High Strength B12, D3 & K2

Vegan Vitality Omega 3 Algae Oil

Vegan Vitality Super Mushroom Complex: A High Strength Formula Of 6 Powerful Mushrooms

About Vegan Vitality

What Our Customers Say...

I've purchased Vegan Vitality products in the past, and I'm really happy with their new multivitamins product. It pretty much gives me everything I need in one bottle. Great product.

Rakhee Patel

I wanted a vegan alternative to fish oil but with the same benefits. The omega 3 Algae oil unlike a lot of other on the market has EPA included as well as the DHA. Good shape easy to recognise


The formula of this product is top notch. Just compare it to other multivitamins, it's much superior. It's clear this is a premium quality product. Plus the bottle is huge, so will last me a long time. Great value for money. I'm very happy with this.

Taj U

Fabulous, easy to swallow good shape - and no animal abused , it’s not that difficult to make small changes even if your not a vegetarian. For the record I am not vegan but when there is a far better quality and healthier alternative it’s a no brainer.


Really seems to have an effect! My partner says he feels 20 years younger this has made such an impact, I definitely feel less achey and more able too. We're taking along with vitamin B3 & magnesium supplements however we have had these before and not been so affected. All in all worth a try and although they are a bit pricey that is for good reason in the levels of what they provide!


I recently turned vegan and have been looking for a supplement to take that will cover everything I need. A friend recommended Vegan Vitality to me, which turns out to be just what I was looking for. Big supply, easy to swallow, no after taste and doesn't affect your urine. I will be buying again. Thank you!


It's great to finally find a supplement that gives me my b12, d3 and k2 fix, as well as multivitamins. Previously I was buying 3 different products! Thank you!

Cliente Amazon

I was previously using veg1 supplements but they were full of sugar, so I have swapped to these. The vegan vitality formula is more comprehensive too, so I will be sticking to these from now on


This is value for money. Vegan algae oil is the best you can take for your health and wonderful skin. Cruelty free and exempt from heavy metals that otherwise can be found in fish oil.


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