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Vegan Collagen Complex
collagen vegan
Vegan Collagen Complex
vegetarian collagen
collagen vegetarian
vegan collagen supplement
plant collagen
Vegan Collagen Complex
vegan collagen uk
Vegan Collagen Complex

Vegan Collagen Complex

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Vegan Vitality Collagen Complex is designed to provide you with plant based way to boost your collagen, and improve your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints, naturally and sustainably.

Why Take A Collagen Supplement?
Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and is responsible for keeping joints healthy, adding firmness and structure to skin, and strengthening hair and nails. Unfortunately collagen production decreases as we age, so taking a supplement is sometimes necessary. Our product provides a natural, plant based and sustainable way to boost your collagen, and improve your skin hair, nails, bones and joints.

Choose Vegan Collagen!
Unlike other Collagen products, we use natural plant based extracts such as Acerola Cherry and Bamboo, plus L-lysine, Biotin and 5 other essential vitamins. Our unique formula is designed to support collagen growth without the use of Bovine, fish or marine ingredients, providing you with a completely vegan, sustainable alternative.


Why Vegan Vitality Collagen Complex?

1 Tablet A Day And 2 Months Supply:
Our super concentrated 500mg capsules are formulated to be only required to be taken once a day. Offering superb value with 60 capsules and 2 months supply. Other vegan collagen products do not contain the levels per capsule our product provides and do not offer the same value.

Kraft Paper Packaging
Our ecologically friendly, smaller Kraft Paper pouches minimise wastage and plastic use, and are fully recyclable. As our product is UK manufactured, this also cuts down on carbon footprint.

UK Manufactured To GMP Standards
Our product is UK manufactured to GMP standards. As with all Vegan Vitality products its also 3rd party tested by independent laboratories to ensure quality and safety for you. Its also GMO, gluten, and allergen free.

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