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Vegan Picnic Ideas

Vegan Picnic Ideas

Vegan Picnic IdeasPhoto by J. Remus on Unsplash

Now that lockdown has eased, a great way to meet with loved ones is to plan a vegan picnic! Whether or not your friends and family are vegan, they’ll have a great time. This article will help you prepare for this special occasion.

Planning Ahead

Planning your picnic just a little ahead of time can save you a lot of stress. Start by checking local restrictions for group sizes and any social distancing you’ll need to follow, then look at the weather forecast to get an idea of which day is your best bet (April showers may be over, but British summers can still be wet). 

You may already know of a spot for a vegan picnic, but if not this is the time to get searching. 

When you’ve picked a date and found your location, contact people as soon as possible to invite them, and double check for any dietary requirements that need to be accommodated. 

Once your guests are confirmed, the more fun side of planning your vegan lunch begins!

The Best Vegan Picnic Food

People love meal planning these days, and it’s no wonder why: meal planning reduces food waste and could also reduce decision fatigue. Apply the same logic to your vegan lunch by choosing what you’ll serve beforehand, you could also further reduce food waste by choosing foods that will last for a day or two as leftovers. You want food that won’t be too messy, as having to clear up could be stressful. If you’re struggling with ideas, don’t worry: here’s our list of vegan picnic ideas.

Charcuterfree Sharing Boards

Charcuterie boards are all over social media at the moment, and vegans don’t have to miss out - instead try a charcuterfree board! Most crackers and flatbreads are vegan, but be sure to check the ingredients before buying or make your own. Pick out your favourite vegan cheeses, and take a look at some of the vegan mock meats available if you fancy. Set out on a board with hummus, and garnish with fruit and a bowl of roasted chickpeas (Spoonful of Kindness has a great Garlic Roasted Chickpea recipe). 


Is this obvious? Maybe, but sandwiches are a picnic staple for good reason - they’re the ultimate finger food! You could go classic with cucumber, jam, or peanut butter, or get adventurous. Try a chickpea tuna (The Simple Veganista’s recipe here) for a heartier option, or surprise friends with a vegan BLT (recipe from My Quiet Kitchen here). Use any bread you prefer, and maybe even show off with home made if you picked up the skill during lockdown. For a twist, you could make vegan burritos or quesadillas instead.


Did you know that loads of pre-made pastry is accidentally vegan? That makes putting together finger-friendly bites much easier, as there’s no pressure to make the pastry yourself. Just be sure to check the ingredients before buying. The options for fillings are almost endless, whether you prefer savory or sweet. For a convenient but delicious option, try Tinned Tomatoes’ Mediterranean Tart which only uses frozen produce. If you’re catering for cheese lovers, this Tomato Pesto Tart by Cilantro and Citronella makes use of both nutritional yeast and miso paste for maximum flavour. 

The Side Show

Sides are the least finger-friendly of the vegan picnic foods, but they're also classics and well worth the effort of bringing along some cutlery. Use seasonal veg in The Full Helping’s Spring Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad, a wonderfully fresh version of a pasta salad. A refreshing option which would go perfectly with tortilla chips is That’s What Che Said’s Corn and Black Bean Salsa, which also happens to be quick and easy to put together. Complete your picnic with Cookie and Kate’s Herbed Potato Salad which is great for warm weather. 

Don’t Forget Desserts

A sweet treat at the end of a meal is always appreciated. You could keep things light by taking fruit and a dark chocolate hummus (recipe by A Sweet Alternative) perfect for warm days when heavier foods may feel unappealing. Continue the lockdown trend of banana bread by taking along banana chocolate chip muffins (recipe by ElaVegan), which are just as delicious but easier to transport. For decadent, chocolate heaven, take along brownies (recipe by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen). 


If you want to have some alcoholic drinks at your vegan lunch, a good tip is to use Barnivore to check whether or not a drink is vegan.  Or you can buy from a specifically vegan brand like Proudly Vegan Wines. If you want some refreshing options which you can make ahead of time, try this Sparkling Elderflower Cocktail from With Spice, or this Healthy Watermelon Lime Spritzer from Simply Quinoa. 


What to Bring on Your Vegan Picnic

When picturing a picnic, one of the first things that comes to mind is the blanket. On a dry day almost any blanket will do, but if there has been rain recently you may need something with a waterproof layer underneath. You may well already have a blanket to use, but if not make sure to find one made without wool to make it a truly vegan picnic. You could also take along some cushions in case you or any of your guests want a softer layer. Also pack some SPF for protection against the sun.

While the food suggestions above can mostly be eaten with just hands, it’s never a bad idea to have some form of cutlery with you. Also bring along napkins, plates, something to drink and something to drink from and something to take home any rubbish in. Depending on what food you take, a cooler could be useful too.

Fun Vegan Picnic Ideas

While eating and enjoying each other’s company is a great way to spend time at your vegan picnic, it can be fun to have something else to do while you are picnicking. Having set activities can also help to keep any children present occupied and happy while you catch up.


Almost everyone knows how to play charades, simply pick a song, movie or TV show and try to act it out for everyone to guess. Even though it might feel silly, this is a great way to loosen up and get conversation started when you haven’t seen each other in a long time. Personalise the game by picking a movie or series you all love and acting out certain characters or plotlines. 

Scavenger Hunt

To keep this with no equipment, have each person in the group suggest an item. You can either keep a mental note or jot it down on your phone. You can look for anything, from a fallen leaf to a toadstool. This is also a great way to keep kids from getting bored, tell them something to find something to bring to you, then tell them their next item.

We wish you all the best for your vegan picnic. Enjoy your time spent with loved ones and we hope that you’ll have good weather and great food.

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