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The Science Behind our Supplements: What Makes Vegan Vitality Different?

Despite its mind and body benefits, the vegan diet can be prone to nutritional deficiencies. Being vegan and nutrition nerds ourselves, we were conscious of some of the deficiencies we might be falling into with our own diets—so we began to supplement.

But we quickly realised that the supplements we were choosing just weren’t matching up. Either full of additives, sugar or non-natural ingredients. We knew there must be a better way… and that’s why Vegan Vitality was born. High quality, no-nasties, all natural supplements, specially formulated to support a nutritionally complete plant-based diet. 

What sets us apart 

Of course, we’re biassed. But for good reason. We’ve dedicated years to formulating the purest, highest quality, science backed vegan supplements. Here’s (just a few) of things that make us a cut above the rest. 

Commitment to natural ingredients 

We truly believe in the power of plants. Which is why, we use only plant-based ingredients, which are carefully selected for their efficacy and bioavailability. Lots of our products have been used medicinally for centuries, including the mushrooms in our Super Mushroom Complex and Lions Mane formulas, and are backed by the latest nutritional science. 

High quality and purity

We’re proud that our products boast some of the highest quality assurance standards. We’re a UK company, with all of our supplements manufactured right here on the British Isles. We hold a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, which ensures our processes are in line with industry standards. We also independently test all of our products with some of Europe’s leading independent laboratories, ensuring high purity for each of our ingredients. 

All of our supplements are proudly free from animal products and derivatives, sugar, GMO substances, mercury toxins, Nuts, Gluten and soy and eggs. 

High strength formulas 

Whether it’s herbal extracts, vitamins or minerals, all of our ingredients are chosen to work together in a unique blend for maximum health benefit. Absorption is key with supplements, you’ll only get the benefits from what you can absorb. This is why we ensure all of our supplements are built for absorption and packed with nutritionally dense ingredients. 

We want you (vegan or not) to have complete confidence that we always have your health and wellbeing at the heart of what we do. So, if you have any questions about any of our processes or ingredients, reach out to our customer care team at

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