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The Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

The Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Why Everyone Is Talking About Reishi, Lions Mane, Maitake, Cordyceps, Chaga and Shiitake


For thousands of years in traditional medicines, mushrooms have been used for their various potential health benefits including antioxidant properties, to support the immune system, and supporting general health.

More recently, scientific studies have upheld the remarkable health benefits of mushrooms. In particular, mushrooms that are high in enzymes, polysaccharides, and protein-bound polysaccharides.

There are many different types of medicinal mushrooms, and the industry continues to grow quickly. The medicinal mushroom market is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, thanks to a huge increase in demand for this type of supplement.

In this article we will look into the potential health benefits of the main types of medicinal mushrooms currently available:


Lion's Mane Benefits

lion's mane mushroom uk

Lion’s mane mushrooms, are large, white, shaggy mushrooms that resemble a lion’s mane as they grow. They are believed to have strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting abilities, as well as a variety of other benefits.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are reputed to support healthy brain function and neuron regeneration. Many people consume Lions Mane Mushrooms to aid cognition, memory and concentration. There is additional evidence that these mushrooms can even potentially help protect against dementia and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Maitake Mushroom Benefits

maitake mushroom uk

“Maitake” means dancing mushroom in Japanese. The mushroom is said to have got its name after people danced with happiness upon finding it in the wild, such are its reputed healing properties.  They tend to grow at the base of oak trees and are typically found in summer or autumn. Maitake mushrooms can be found in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Maitake is rich in antioxidants, vitamins B and C, copper, potassium, fiber, minerals and amino acids, and is believed to support overall immunity.

They may have a positive effect on Diabetes 2 patients, but patients should consult with their doctors before consuming them therapeutically. Many individuals choose to cook maitake mushrooms to improve their digestibility.



Reishi Mushroom Benefits

reishi mushroom uk

In China, Reishi has earned the nickname “king of mushrooms” due to their links with longevity and mental clarity. The Reishi mushroom is popular in Chinese medicine, and the mushroom is also referred to as the “lingzhi” mushroom. It is a unique medicinal mushroom known for its distinctive cap, which has a “kidney” or “fan” shape. 

Reishi Mushrooms have a variety of potential health benefits, including easing depression and anxiety, aiding sleep, boosting the immune system and helping to support blood sugar control.

Chaga Mushroom Benefits

chaga mushroom uk

For centuries, chaga has been used as a traditional medicine in Russia and other Northern European countries, mainly to boost immunity and overall health.

They are often ground into a fine powder and used to brew a beverage similar to tea. Chaga spores tend to enter trees through some specific wounds in the bark.

Chaga mushrooms have a range of potential benefits including helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They are also considered to be a “superfood” thanks to their nutrient-rich composition. They are low in calories, very high in fiber and loaded with antioxidants. 

Cordyceps Benefits

cordyceps uk

Cordyceps is often referred to as the caterpillar fungus because of its thin, tubular shape.

They are a fungus native to China, and there are 400 different types of cordyceps mushrooms. These medicinal mushrooms remain among the most valuable globally, and it is often advertised as a natural energy booster. Some herbalists even believe that this particular medicinal mushroom can improve libido.

Cordyceps mushrooms might be the medicinal mushroom of choice if you are someone who takes fitness or athletics seriously. These medicinal mushrooms are taken generally for their reputed benefits for improving endurance, increasing energy and reducing fatigue.  They are also believed to have anti-inflammatory, heart health and detoxifying properties.

Shiitake Benefits

where to buy shiitake mushrooms uk

For hundreds of years, shiitake mushrooms have been a popular food and health source in Asia. They’re the second most popular edible mushroom in the world.

As well as being delicious, they are packed with B vitamins, minerals and other health-promoting compounds. They are also believed to have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Shiitake mushrooms are also reputed for improving cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol and boosting the immune system.

Where Can I Buy Mushroom Supplements?

mushroom supplements uk

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