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5 Inspirational Vegan Quotes

We have put together a list of 5 of our favourite quotes which relate to veganism.
Whilst not all of these quotes are from vegans, they all share a similar message.
So if your looking for that little bit of inspiration or if you simply just enjoy vegan quotes, head to our instagram or facebook where we share even more! 
1. For when you need a reminder of the ‘why’
    Joaquin Phoenix has been vegan for almost all of his life, and with this quote he sums up the basic premise of veganism. Kindness is the heart of the vegan lifestyle, whether you’re vegan for the animals, the environment or for yourself.
    2. For when others have got you down
    Veganism is a wonderful thing, but it can be hard when you don’t have a supportive group around you. This quote from Katherine Henson serves as a reminder that your compassion for all living creatures is one of your biggest strengths - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    3. For a confidence boost
    While Darwin wasn’t always the kindest to animals, this quote can be a great reminder that veganism shows how lucky we are to be able to make the choice to cause as little harm as possible, and that we have the conscience to do so.  
    4. For the best instagram caption
    When looking for a great caption for your next food pic, consider turning to an icon. Through veganism we show our compassion for every living creature. This quote could also prompt your followers to consider what action they can take next to show compassion.
    5. For explaining veganism to others
    Now that veganism is widely known, you’re less likely to be asked what veganism is and what it represents. However, you might still be asked why you are vegan, or what it means to you to be a vegan. Mischa Temaul’s quote reflects Phoenix’s, in that it centres the vegan lifestyle around kindness and love.

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